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Colour Coated Coils & Sheet

Colour Coated

Embrace Vibrancy with Our Colour Coated Coils & Sheet

Welcome to Gaurang’s Color-Coated Coils & Sheets page, where innovation meets durability and aesthetics. Our colour-coated product combines steel’s durability with the allure of paint, providing advanced corrosion protection for an unmatched offering. We guarantee that our product excels in quality from every angle. Colour coatings are paint coatings and are specialty products, which are used to give the steel long-term protection under a broad range of corrosive conditions, extending from atmospheric exposure to full immersion in strongly corrosive solutions. A colour coating provides little strength to the substrate steel, yet it protects the steel so that its strength and integrity can be maintained. Colour-coated steel has an extra layer of metal, paint, or both to protect it from rust and wear. It is ideal for those who are looking for resistant, aesthetic, light, and cost-effective materials.

When colour coating and galvanized steel are used together, the corrosion control provided is superior to either system used alone. The galvanized coating protects the base steel, supplying cathodic and barrier protection and the colour coating slows down the rate at which the zinc is consumed, greatly extending the life of the galvanized steel. Once the colour  coating has been weathered down or damaged, the zinc is available to provide cathodic and barrier protection to avoid rust after paint peels off. Because of this synergistic effect for a  duplex coating, it provides corrosion protection 1.5 to 2.5 times longer than the sum of the lifetimes of zinc and colour coating used individually. Explore our range of colour  options and discover why Gaurang is the trusted choice for colour roofing sheets, GP Sheets and more. 

  • Standard : IS 14246, IS 15965 ASTM A755, EN 10169, JIS G 3312, JIS G 3321, AS/NZS 2428 and others.
  • Base Metal : Zinc Galvanized Coil / Aluminium Zinc Alloy
  • Surface Finish : Matt, Semi Gloss & High Gloss
  • Thickness (mm) : 0.18mm – 2.00mm
  • Width (mm) : 600mm – 1,500mm
  • Hardness (HRB) : 55 – 65 HRB (Soft) and 85 – 95 HRB (Hard)
  • Top Coating (Micron) : 10 – 25 Micron
  • Back Coating (Micron) : 03 – 10 Micron
  • Guard Film (Micron) : 30 – 40 Micron
  • Available Colors : RAL 5012, RAL 9002, RAL 6002, RAL 6016, RAL 9003, RAL 7035, RAL 2004, etc.

Product USP

Precision cutting

this ensures perfect overlapping

Impeccable zinc coating

enhances the visual appeal and ensures exceptional corrosion resistance, providing an enduring and attractive finish to your projects.

Experience the power of extraordinary high tensile strength

withstand heavy loads and challenging conditions with unmatched durability and reliability.


Architectural Projects

Retail and Commercial Spaces

Roofing, Industrial Buildings and Warehouses

Embrace Vibrancy with Our Colour Coated Coils & Sheet