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Cold Roll Coils & Sheets

Our Quality Cold Roll Coils & Sheets

Experience the epitome of precision and versatility with our cold roll coils. Meticulously crafted through a specialized cold rolling process, these coils boast a flawless surface, exacting thickness, and remarkable dimensional accuracy. With their inherent strength and exceptional formability, cold roll coils empower industries such as automotive, construction, and manufacturing to shape their visions into reality with unrivaled precision and aesthetic finesse.

Our cold roll coils are produced with top-notch technology, including the Electrolyte Cleaning System, ensuring exceptional product quality. This advanced system enhances the surface cleanliness of the coils, removing impurities and contaminants, resulting in a pristine finish that meets the highest industry standards.

For companies looking for top-grade steel goods that provide unparalleled performance and longevity, our cold roll coils are a popular choice. Their high product quality and excellent physical properties make them ideal for various applications. Whether you need steel sheets for automotive manufacturing or your next construction project, our cold roll range offers the perfect solution to meet your unique needs.

Our CR(Cold Roll) production plant consists of two cold rolling mills, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and machinery. Alongside our cold rolling mills, we have bell furnaces, skin pass units, slitting machines, cut-to-length equipment, and testing facilities. These facilities ensure efficient and precise production processes, allowing us to deliver cold roll coils of exceptional quality and consistency.

With our commitment to utilizing advanced technology and maintaining rigorous quality control measures, we ensure that our cold roll coils meet and exceed industry standards. Experience the excellence of our cold roll coils and unlock a world of possibilities for your manufacturing needs.

Electrolytic Cleaning Line (ECL)

The main purpose of electrolytic cleaning is to remove the carried over rolling oils and other debris left on the strip surface after rolling.

Every trace of surface oil is removed by saponification and emulsification of steel in alkaline solution. This degreasing process is necessary for the production of cold rolled strip with smooth surface.

Unique Features

Level 2 automation
In line skin pass mill for roughness transfer
Low current density line for better surface conditions
Flying shear and accumulator for retaining product quality

Product USP

Refined Surface Finish

making them suitable for applications that require a high-quality appearance.

Dimensional Accuracy

manufactured to precise thickness tolerances, ensuring uniformity and consistency in the product.

Proper Quality checks

Proper Quality checks: ensuring customer satisfaction.


Automotive Industry

High-Quality Tubes and Pipes

Furniture, storage and Shelving

Construction and Infrastructure

Our Quality Cold Roll Coils & Sheets