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“-Pride of Fabrication”


Strength Redefined with Our Black Annealed Sheets

“-Pride of Fabrication”

Gaurangs black annealed BP plate Sheet – the epitome of strength and versatility, designed for seamless fabrication. Crafted with precision and built to withstand tough conditions, the BP Steel Sheet offers exceptional resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and impact, making it the top choice for fabrication projects. Its flexible nature allows for easy shaping and customization, enabling artisans and fabricators to bring their creative visions to life effortlessly. Gaurang Products Pvt. Ltd stands out as the best steel manufacturing company in India, offering a wide range of products including CRCA Coil & Sheets, CR Full Hard Coil/Strip/Sheet, GP Coil/Strip/Sheet, and ERW Black/Galvanised steel pipes and tubes.

With our steel sheet’s superior fabrication capabilities, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re constructing intricate architectural designs, creating robust industrial components, or fashioning artistic masterpieces, this steel sheet delivers unparalleled results. Its lightweight yet robust composition ensures that fabrication processes are efficient and straightforward, saving time and effort without compromising on durability.

Experience the ease and satisfaction of working with our black annealed steel sheet in your fabrication projects. From precision cutting to seamless welding, this steel sheet guarantees smooth handling and precise results. Trust in its unwavering quality and performance, knowing that your fabricated creations will stand the test of time. Choose our Steel Sheet to elevate your fabrication endeavors and unlock the true potential of strength, reliability, and artistry in every project you undertake.

  • Standard : IS 513 : 2016 Part – 1
  • Grades : D, DD, EDD
  • Base Metal : Carbon Steel
  • Surface Finish : Matt, Bright, Mirror, Polished, Dull
  • Thickness (mm) : 0.28mm – 1.60mm
  • Width (mm) : 900mm – 1250mm
  • Sheet Length (mm): as per customer requirement, bundle weight up to 3 MT max.
  • Hardness (HRB) : 50 – 60 HRB
  • Edge Condition : Trimmed or Mill Edge.

Product USP

Superior flatness

Dedicated technical support

Precision cutting

Experience the power of extraordinary high tensile strength

withstand heavy loads and challenging conditions with unmatched durability and reliability.


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