Pre Galvanised Tubes

This category of steel tubes is generally made out of MS Galvanized Sheets. There are many preventive coatings (natural & synthetic) which are applied either before or after the production of tubes.

  • Made from pre-galvanized sheets.
  • Several coatings applied before and after tube production
  • Tubes are tough, durable, light-weight and zinc coated from pre-galvanized sheets.
  • Finds application in fencing, cabling and ducting, automotive (bus body) and greenhouse structures
  • Product range comprises various sizes from 1/2" to 4" with 19--114.3 mm outer diameter
  • To make pre galvanized tubes and hollow sections, Gaurang Products were integrated backwards with in-house sheet galvanising facilities.

In the recent technological innovations and analysis by the experts, it has been proved that the tubes made by pre galvanized sheets are giving very good durability, stability, adherence as well as a longer sustainability without atmospheric corrosion. These technological phenomenon are adopted by the steel manufacturers for enhancing their market potential as well as the profitability as they have very optimum cost control parameters.

The coating is uniform and the thickness of the coating can be maintained as agreed between, which depends on the atmospheric and corrosive environment prevailing at individual sites. The overall look & finish is very aesthetically controlled. Having a homogeneous coating all through, these tubes can easily withstand any mechanical deformation without affecting their catalytic coating and the bonding of zinc coating with the parent material remains unchanged.

This gives a very good impression to the fence & green house fabricator. Strict in-house quality checking is performed which helps in maintaining all conditioning parameters as per the standards laid down.

Available Shapes : Round, Rectangular & Square


  • Can bear maximum working pressure
  • Maintenance free
  • Basically used for fence framework
  • Simple installation

Technical Specifications:

Product Thickness (mm) Length Coating (gms/m) Sizes
Pre Galvanised Pipes Not Limited Random Length of 4 to 7 meters unless specified otherwise 100gm/m2/275gm/m2 ½’-4’