We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of Black & Galvanised ERW steel pipes and tubes. Gaurang Products (formerly known as AST Pipes Pvt. Ltd.) pioneered its operations 25 years back and has built a large customer base since its inception. We have successfully forged a commanding position in the domestic markets as well as International ones too.

We now have diversified into producing related products like CR sheets, Precision pipes  and also increased the size of our pipes from 19 O.D. up to 16 inch upto 10mm thickness which is an edge that we have over our competitors.

We now posses the technical know-how and infrastructure to produce a vast range of Steel products . In more than two decades of our existence, we have also built up a lasting relationship with our clients consisting of reputed corporates all over the globe.


Our state of the art manufacturing plant is located in the heart of industrial Area Ghaziabad. It is capable of producing ERW pipes in Round, Square and Rectangular shapes.

One of our most valuable asset is the group of skilled engineers and workers who work in our production plant, They are the backbone of our institution and provide the most needed skills to enable us to produce superior products. We also take pride in our R& D team who constantly strive to bring the latest technologies to use in our products.

Besides the manufacturing plant, The various testing facility in our testing unit has the following capabilities:

Heat Treatment facilitiesHardness, Tensile, Yield, Elongation, Breaking load etc. are tested after giving proper heat treatment. Quenching, Tempering, Hardening and Normalizing are done to get the desired results as per customer's requirement.
Surface Finish facilities We give different surface finishes like Zinc Plating, Powder Coating, Painting, Black Oxide, Hot Dip Galvanizing etc.
Testing FacilitiesWe carry out Chemical / Mechanical Testing and Non-Destructive Testing in our labs and have Weld Test facilities.
Our Philosophy

Our methodology of working is structured around our belief that to make innovative and superior products, we have to continually bring improvements to the way we work and deliver our products. Our manufacturing processes are regularly updated to bring the latest technologies to use. This enables us to effectively deploy our resources and manpower to boost production and improve cost efficiency.

Why Us

Our extensive experience in specific areas of the steel industry gives us the edge over other players in the industry . We are specialized in the production and processing products made out of Steel. Some of the reasons why we are your trusted business partner are

  • Extensive Product Knowledge
  • Techno savvy infrastructure
  • Large production capacity
  • Skilled Engineers and Research Personnel
  • High Quality Standards